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volunteering [The Plumbers]

OK - so you've volunteered to help Plumbers and you want to know “What's in it for me?”.

We have 3 classes of benefits for volunteers. “atta-person”, “gold-star” and “super-star”. All volunteers will be invited to the LPC wrap party!

Atta-person: You did the conference a huge favor or put in less than 20 hours worth of work. Your reward? A special gift card. Atta-person rewards will be approved by committee chairs (Kristen, Tess, Jennifer, Andy, Sri). Anyone can nominate someone for an atta-person, including themselves.

Gold-Star: You participated on a committee or did greater than 20 hours worth of work for the conference. Your reward: free pass to the conference. Gold-star volunteers can nominate themselves, or be nominated by the chair of the committee that you served on. Gold-star volunteers will be approved by Committee chairs (see above list).

Super-Star: These volunteers put in insane number of hours and held positions of real responsibility. Or you are someone without whom this conference would not exist. Reward: Free pass to the conference, attendance to the speaker dinner, and free companion passes. Super star volunteer class can only be approved by Kristen, but can be nominated by anyone. You can nominate yourself for super-star status, or can be nominated by anyone.

Click on the links to see the current lists.

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