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videoconferencing [The Plumbers]

This page tracks the video conferencing efforts for our keynote speaker.

Objective: To have a reliable videoconferencing between the keynote speaker in D.C. and the Marriot Hotel. We have a budget of 5000 dollars in order to accomplish this and the video recording. To wit we must be able to do this:

  1. reliable connection between D.C. and Marriot
  2. Be able to project the video on a 15foot screen in the keynote room.
  3. Be able to record the keynote
  4. Be able to have an interactive session with questions from the audience.

D.C. Videoconferencing Equipment Support and Contacts

The keynote speaker is using a Polycom VSX 8000 video conferencing setup. It looks like standard equipment and we will need to find something that will interface with it. It can do both IP and ISDN.

Our liaison to the keynote speaker is:

  • Delphine Graham (delphine.grahamXXXX@$ (remove XXXX and $X) IT respresentative, and coordinator for the video conferencing room.
  • Vishal Doshi (vdoshi@Xomb.Xeop.Xgov) (remove X's) Scheduler to Mr. Kundra
webcam option

There seems to be an option to use a webcam, but this might prove problematic as we really need proper video resolution in order to fit on a 15foot screen in the keynote. But something that we could look at. There is no support from the speaker's IT department though for this so it might be better not to have that if there are technical difficulties on the speaker's end.

Marriot Setup and Contacts

The Marriot has a lightly used T1 line that we can set up. There is no price quote as of yet. Sri did ask about a private router but was told it would cost us 5000 dollars to set it up. I don't know if it is worth that and it will exceed our budget.

The persons we work with with on the Marriot is:

  • Megan Hansen - Events Coordinator
  • William Hire - IT representative
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