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things_for_next_year [The Plumbers]

Put ideas for changes for next year here.


  • Use real abstract review software with voting capabilities
  • Use a better collaboration tool


  • Develop adds / artwork early so we can grab them when needed
  • Face to face meetings sooner in the planning process.
  • Start talking seriously about 2010 and non-PDX location issues
  • Might be a good idea to get a CFP out before summer vacation starts–it's easier to stump for papers in the LTC when half the staff are _not_ out, and not a single person I talked to was willing to write a proposal prior to the CFP. (djwong)
  • Have the plumbersconf closer to the beginning of PSU's school year if we're going to have student day again. Most students won't be back in town until the week before school starts. Classes start 9/27 in 2010. This may be difficult to do at PSU, since Freshman have their orientation week the week before school starts.


  • Collaborative sessions for website update - that worked really well
  • More detail in our schedule so we can track better where things are
  • Work to spread work among more volunteers, reduce wearing-of-multiple-hats
  • Time for full financial independence, legal entity? At least our own bank account?
  • Extend “backups” idea into a full-fledged contingency plan, incl. key volunteer departures, financial difficulty, balky sponsors, act of nature, etc.

Website/Registration/mailing lists

  • Use an opt-out, but allow people to publish their names on an electronic attendee list for easier networking.
  • Do not use Eventbrite.

Tasks that need volunteers next year

  • Logo wrangler
  • USB stick guy - FARM THIS OUT
  • Web site prettiness lead- perhaps farm this out. We should still have the ability to tweak code and update content without contacting a consultant/company
  • Mailing list admin- ensure list members match registered people- automate!

Interesting 2008 Data

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