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Note: tentative, subject to change. Please review!

February: issue call for topics via blogs (including LWN)

March: finalize LPC program-related information

April: send out call for participation

August 14th: conference two-thirds full

August 15th: formally request BoF topics

Real Soon Now: parcel remaining 12 general-track talks to emcees, place them on schedule

You are here.

September 23-25 2009: conference date

Program Schedule

Should go somewhere else after finalization and beautification.

Day 1 (Wednesday September 23)

Time Track 1 (Salon E) Track 2 (Salon D) Track 3 (Mt. Hood)
9am Opening remarks (minimal), LAIKA keynote
(Move to breakout rooms)
10:00am MC B2.2 (Networking) MC B1.1 (Audio) GT 1.1 (Vivek)
12:30pm Lunch Break
1:30pm BoFs BoFs BoFs
2:30pm Snack
3:00pm Lightning Talks (w/LinuxCon) Working Session? keysigning?
4:00pm Mark Shuttleworth talk (w/LinuxCon) Working Session? keysigning?
5:00pm Break
7:00pm Event

Day 2 (Thursday September 24)

Time Track 1 (Salon E) Track 2 (Salon CD) Track 3 (Salon AB)
9am BoFs BoFs BoFs
10am MC A2.1 (Security A) MC B2.1 (Real Time) GT 2.1 (Ric)
12:30 noon Lunch Break
1:30pm MC A2.2 (Security B) MC A1.1 (Boot and Init) GT 2.2 (Concurrency: Paul)
4:00pm Snack
4:30pm Keith Packard Keynote
7:00pm Event

Day 3 (Friday September 25)

Time Track 1 (Salon E) Track 2 (Salon CD) Track 3 (Salon AB)
9am BoFs BoFs BoFs
10am MC A3.1 (Storage) MC B3.1 (K/U/US Interfaces) GT 3.1 (Brandon)
12:30 noon Lunch Break
1:30pm MC A3.2 (X Window System) MC B3.2 (Embedded Systems) GT 3.2 (James)
4:00pm Snack
4:30pm Linus Advanced git Tutorial
5:30pm Close of Conference Brewpub BoFs

Scheduling Constraints

Real Time microconference must be on Wednesday or Thursday for RT guys' schedules.

Networking microconference must be on Wednesday for Steve Rostedt's schedule.

Lightning talks and Mark Shuttleworth keynote are in cooperation with LinuxCon, so cannot move without LinuxCon cooperation. (See [].)

Keith Packard keynote and microconference must be close together to accommodate X Window System guys' plans. Currently Thursday and Friday, respectively.

Room Capacities

Salon AB: 160

Salon D: 90

Salon CD: 160

Mt. Hood: 180

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