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oscon_booth [The Plumbers]

We need to setup the OSCON booth on Tuesday. The exhibit hall hours on Wednesday and Thursday are:

Please volunteer if you have time!

Day(s) Time Volunteer Notes
Wed- Thurs. anytime Sarah Sharp I'd rather not be there all day, but I currently don't have any meetings on those days.
Wed Until 2pm Brandon Philips
Wed Until 2pm Kristen Accardi
Wed 2pm-end Sarah Sharp Inform Sarah about this ;)
Wed 2pm-end Randy Dunlap
Thur Until 2pm Stephen Hemminger
Thur 2pm-end Deepak Saxena
Thur After 12:00pm Brandon Philips
Thur All day Tess
Thur Until 2pm Kristen Accardi
Tues, Weds, Thurs Kristen Not after 5:30pm Wednesday
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