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operations_and_logistics [The Plumbers]

Proposed Budget

The budget is owned by Tess Stewart. Please email Tess if you have any questions —

High Level Schedule

Real schedule is on the calendar. Here are some high level items identified originally by the team, working backward from conference …

2nd week september

  • conference - we are done


  • figure out how many people we need to help at event
  • round up volunteers for week of event (i.e. registration, watching doors etc)


  • notices for accepted topics/papers/presentations sent out.
  • topic champions committed

(understanding that last minute topics can come up - we could plan for this)

  • initial conference schedule of talks completed


  • CFP closes


  • CFP
  • potential topic champions contacted


  • website complete
  • initial set of topics agreed upon


  • begin discussing topics in earnest


  • all events to be sponsored have venue reserved


  • defined events have sponsors


  • define events we seek sponsor for
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