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meeting-2009-03-06 [The Plumbers]


Brandon Philips, Dave Hanson, Sarah Wright, Mark Gross, Randy Dunlap, Sriram Ramkrishna (Sri), Nivedita Singhvi

A huge thanks to those who dialed in. It was very useful, got through quite a few things this time too…

Deferred some of the PC stuff as PaulMcK couldn't make it.



  • 2008 budget finally closed. This was _very_ painful due to some hiccups in the accounting process and some disconnects between Plumbers Team and LF. Overall, a shortfall of $2K or so - LF and all concerned agreed to close.
    • Lots of lessons learned!
    • This year, Jennifer Eaton is budget person and will work very closely throughout with LF to keep books/receipts correct.
    • 2009 - Jennifer and Nivedita to ok ANY expense

Volunteer Roles

  • Planning Team changes needed
    • Brandon → website (Mike out for a bit)
    • Pat out → Nivedita to find back-up
    • Need emails of everybody on Planning Team (some missing).

Website walkthrough

  • Front Page - Blog Page
  • Move out sponsors to sidebar
  • Merge “Volunteers” and “Contact”
  • “About” → Blog Post
  • “Proposals” → “Program” which will have all the technical content of the Program; Sri took ownership of that, will talk to PC and fill out (phases, CFT, CFP, etc)
  • Will have “Schedule/Program” when available on top bar
  • Nivedita to flesh out logistics under “Attend”
  • “Contact” - sponsor@ and press@ to be made aliases for Angela/Tess/Nivedita and Angela/Nivedita/SarahW by daveh; Link to Submit page rather than old ml.
  • Top level tab “submit” to capture all the submissions processes (Brandon)
  • All FAQs moved to one top level tab “FAQs”; Nivedita to fill out what she can there..
  • probably other stuff I failed to capture…
  • Brandon fixed a lot of it on the fly, please review!


  • Yes, the schedule is approved. :)
  • One suggestion from Brandon: shorten abstract processing duration. Currently, this is one month (Jun 30 - Jul 31). As we need to process the communication and figure out travel funding opps (might have to iterate) this may not be possible to get much tighter, as we'll need to process abstracts much earlier than deadline to communicate to authors. Will need approval from the PC.
  • OK, we do need full PC approval (and awareness :)) of the schedule, as much of this is in their purview.


  • Mark G to contact area owners and have them update/confirm their tasklists (and poke them to do them :)).

Key Issues / Highlightable Things

  • Get website up asap!
  • April 15 - CFT pretty darn near. Need to approve content, have other deadlines (abstracts due, author notification etc finalized before then) agreed to so we can communicate that.
  • Need to jump on keynote speakers soon to potentially get big names to come!

Next Steps

  • Website contributors to write content ASAP
  • List to review website by early next week
  • Sarah W to approve final version of content
  • Brandon to publish by mid-week
  • Sri to confirm from Program Committee approval

of schedule

  • Sri to get PC going on CFP content readiness
    • do we have areas?
    • should we be poking anyone?
  • Nivedita to start thread on keynote speaker
  • Nivedita to confirm from Angela/LF timeframe for potential travel funding (keynote speaker, other invitees). Can we meet Jun 30th as a deadline for author/invitee confirmation?
  • Nivedita to confirm from Angela whether it's ok to go public with sponsor info so far
  • Mark G to poke tasklist owners
  • Dave H to fix public lists (press, sponsors too)
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