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meeting-2009-02-10 [The Plumbers]
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Paul McKenney, Tess Stewart, Sarah Wright, Brandon Philips, Mike Shaver, Mark Gross, Nivedita Singhvi, Doug Rosser, Corinna Schultz, Stephen Hemminger (apologies to all for any misspellings!)


Will try to do less face-to-face meetings and more conference call/IRC meetings.

As you might imagine, we had a few difficult decisions to make. As it stood with our initial plan for the year, we faced a shortfall in the revenue expected this year and our required income. So we had to cut few things, and make some other changes. I'm hoping people will understand that it's going to be a very tough year, and there are no easy choices.

Bottom Line

We think we have a good plan! We should be able to have a good conference this year, and while omitting some stuff, will still have plenty of ways to make it a successful and useful conference based on revenue this year.

Key decisions

Regarding meetings: very few future face-2-face mtgs. Conf calls available for discussion (likely Fridays at 3pm) or email/list/IRC. For those not on the #linux-plumbers on OFTC, please join!

Budget decisions:

  • Sticking with the Marriot location (contract, no other viable alternative). Much savings in effort, blood.
  • Changed registration costs as follows:
    • Student = $100 (with 3 free student passes for PSU and 3 free student passes for OSU).
    • Early = $250
    • General = $325
    • Late = $400
  • “Super” Guest spouses don't get conference passes (but do get event passes)
  • Schwag (flash drives) axed. T-shirts are borderline. Will wait and see if incoming revenue permits.
  • Axed photographer. Anyone want to or know of someone who wants to volunteer?
  • Increased budget for audio/video.
  • Decreased budget for a large number of items (signage, planning mtgs, misc, and a whole lot of other stuff).
  • Note: depending on incoming revenue from registration and sponsorship - we will try and mitigate some of these decisions.
  • Key priority is to sponsor travel/attendance.

Actions Requested


  • Roll out new website (prototype done, looked good!)
  • Sync with list and get forum up for blog comments

Brandon and Mike:

  • Get contributors to website going
  • Get team to help on designing fields/forms for registration for LPC by LF SW.

Sarah Wright:

  • Will handle publicity and monitor and clean up public announcement, will go to annoucement list and other places.


  • Send Sarah info and Val contact
  • Talk to Mark Gross online and get Mark to do program mgt (mostly update and track master tasklist)
  • Nivedita to ping Ian Romanick on cosummit
  • Publicize the publicity (yes, this is recursive ;)) that Arjan's talk got in NYT last year (follow up?). Nivedita to poke or pick on someone to follow up on potential follow up (by NYT on update this year ;))
  • Update master tasklist and calendar with schedule for timeframes/deadlines
  • Ask to Sarah Sharp (wiki owner?) to clean up wiki.

Nivedita and Paul:

  • Get Storage guys to agree/finalize any storage miniconf/summit coincidental with LF
  • Flesh out schedule of Program Committee key dates and registration phases.

Paul and Stephen:

  • Write up blurb on forthcoming CFP and solicit topics for blog post.


  • Stephen to follow up on Netconf coincidental with LPC potential, and if they agree, LPC will release announcement asap.


  • Sri to contact Marriot/Angela/Tess. What's the cost of doing audio/video at Marriott by Marriott? Other comparable AV professional firms? Angela/LF vendor?

Key pushes

  • Get steady stream of publicity out on LPC on periodic basis
  • Sign up co-summits/miniconfs incrementally and announce as soon as possible
  • Speed up Program Committee schedule and drive incrementally
  • Generate other publicity by encouraging blogs (this includes you ALL!), posts, comments, etc.
  • Solve interesting, thorny, central issues for Linux. Make the conference as valuable to developers as possible.
  • Attract key folks, and announce as soon as possible.


  • Ideas solicited for speaker dinner
  • Ideas solicited on pretty darn near anything if you have them to reduce cost or increase income :)
  • Do we need a sysadmin this year? Corrinna Schultz filled the role, but it was needed more last year, perhaps?
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