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Logistics TODOs

Due Category Owner Item Dependencies Comments
Mar 2 Schedule Nivedita Agree to dates for key events Input from all;
acks from PC, Web
Mar 15 Schedule
and Budget
Nivedita Travel funding Confirm with Angela/LF the timeframe for potential travel funding (keynote speaker, other invitees). Can we meet Jun 30th as a deadline for author/invitee confirmation?
Mar 15 Schedule Mark Gross Update todo list Contact area owners and have them update/confirm their tasklists (and poke them to do them :))
Apr 01 Budget Finalize registration pricing
Before conf Volunteer
Nivedita Get volunteer photographer - Ian Romanick said he might have names
Aug 15 Conference program (schedule) decided

Program (Conference Content) TODOs

Due Category Owner Item Dependencies Comments
Mar 9 Content Nivedita Start thread on keynote speaker.
Mar 15 Schedule Sri Ensure Program Committee approves schedule.
Mar 15 CFP Sri Ensure CFP content readiness (decide on proposed microconf themes, identify key players to target).
Mar 15 Brandon/Paul Discuss shortening abstract processing duration. Brandon suggested this in the 2009-03-06 meeting.
Mar 30 Decide on tentative LPC Program content
May 15 Decide on Keynote speaker
Jun 15 Bug key players to submit papers.
Jul 31 Inform accepted presenters
Aug 15 Decide on final conference program

Publicity TODOs

Due Category Owner Item Dependencies Comments
Mar 15 Sarah W Approve final version of website content
Mar 15 Sponsors Nivedita Ask Angela whether it's ok to go public with sponsor info so far
Apr 15 Announce call for papers
Apr 15 Announce registration information
Jun 15 Announce keynote speaker and send reminder that abstracts are due June 30th.
Aug 15 Announce early conference program
Sep 01 Announce final conference program

Support (IT, website, ATV) TODOs

Due Category Owner Item Dependencies Comments
ASAP Website Brandon Get initial candidate website posted - Brandon to go with WordPress
Mar 6 Website Brandon Make new website public Input from all;
ack from SarahW
Due date flexible.
Mar 9 Mailing lists Dave H Fix public lists (press, sponsors too)
Apr 15 Registration Registration site tested and live
Jun 30 Registration/Website Close early registration pricing ($275 ends, $300 starts)
Aug 15 ATV Sri Fix audio/video problems Marriot or
Any Marriott resources?
Aug 15 Website Brandon Post final conference schedule
Aug 15 Wiki Sarah Sharp Revamp visitor wiki, add BOF scheduling page, add event/evening/tour scheduling page, and add link to conference schedule. Ping Deepak - Bike ride (+ rentals/loaners for out-of-towners) after conference?
Sep 01 Registration/Website Late registration starts ($300 ends, $325 starts)

Mark's Master TODO list

(Please Integrate into the team TODO lists above once they are assigned to an LPC team or person.)

Event TODOs

  • content publishing
  • AV micro conf
    • recording + post production and hosting
  • AV keynotes
    • recording + post production and hosting
  • event day IRC
  • event day room shuffling
  • event day feeds? (twitter or rss or…)
  • Event week wiki
  • Adhoc micro conf support
  • content hosting
  • attendee check in
  • help desk
  • hard copy content:
    • event schedules
    • network connectivity information
    • URL's, IRC's, news feeds
    • maps
    • local info
    • help and emergency numbers

Venue TODOs

  • payments
  • network
    • configuration
    • testing
  • food snack selection
  • setup
  • clean up
  • miniconf rooms
    • room scheduling
    • schedule signs for MC rooms
    • signs or notes pointing where additional working sessions happening
    • water
  • signs
  • AV micro conf (recording?)
  • AV keynotes (recording?)

Microconf TODOs

  • Request for topics
    • topic review
    • solicitation of more topics
  • requests for talks
    • review
    • solicitation of speakers
  • MC topic announce
    • attendance estimation per MC
  • speaker list.
  • projectors
  • audio amplification
  • content gathering
  • report out from MC's
  • owners and follow up on work started in MC's.

Publicity TODOs

  • key dates
    • what are they?
  • local publication
    • how much?
  • magazines
  • target blogs
    • names?

Billing TODOs

  • billing site live
    • when?
  • database of registrants and payments
  • billing rate schedule
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