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march_11_2008 [The Plumbers]

Jen's Notes

Events (Tess)

  • LPC attendees are invited to a Kernel Summit event on Tuesday evening at Aura, (I think this is the right place). Acrobats and people flying from the ceiling!
  • Angela is going to check on allowing the under 21 attendees in until 10:00pm.
  • Wednesday night is the big LPC event at the Portland Art Museum, There are rumors of penguin ice sculptures and a martini luge. Sponsored by X (not sure if I'm supposed to say on list).
  • Thursday night - no formal event. Tess and others (Jen, Deepak) to work on recommended places to visit, most likely in the form of a scavenger hunt. Perhaps we should encourage people to bring their gps units, for a little LPC geo-caching. :>
  • Because of the limited budget spouses/partners/so's are not included in the event counts.
  • Angela/Tess to check into adding a surcharge for so's to attend the evening events at the time of registration.
  • Spouse/Partner/SO's (from now on referred to as SO's) program
  • Area on the wiki dedicated to information about meet-ups and informal sightseeing/eating/drinking for SO's.
  • Deepak to come up with suggestions for places to go things to see.
  • Tess to send over a few links for childcare (I'll post on website).


  • Attendees are on their own for lunch. Deepak to come up with a map for where to go in the area. Charts to be posted and links to an online map included on the website and/or wiki.

Student Program (Sarah, Brandon, Eric, Sri, Bart, Jen -- anyone else who'd like to help)

  • Student Program is a go. Check the wiki for information on what/why/where. Volunteers to give talks now being accepted, in addition to suggestions for topics, and student type events during the conference – that avoid creating a student ghetto and don't cost a lot of money.
  • Another organizational meeting planned for sometime in the next two weeks. We'll send out details to the list.
  • Student registration capped at 50.


  • If anyone is interested in the budget talk to Tess.

Number of attendees

  • This number has been bumped from 300 to 350. (I believe that was final.)


  • Deepak working on alternative information about Portland (in addition to Randy's submissions), we are putting together a picture gallery to randomly load, updates made as information is available. Sponsor logos to be added sooner rather then later.
  • Editors are currently , Brandon, Jen, Andy – let us know if anyone else would like to post. This area is essentially for announcements posted to the announce list that also appear on the bottom of the front-page of


  • Opening for invitees April 7, 2008 – notified via email with a link to register. Make sure you update the list on the wiki if there are people you think should receive early registration invites.
  • Must be finalized last week of March.
  • General registration April 11.
  • Registration to be handled by the LF event registration system.
  • On-site registration (handing out badges) - handled by professional event organization firm.

Program Planning

  • Discussion ongoing regarding keynote speaker
  • MC runners finalized
  • Track three topics now under discussion
  • If you are interested in being part of the formal presentation review program committee add your name

under Technical Program Committee here:, and join the topics-discuss list.

  • CFP coming soon
  • Andy probably has things to add – lots of info on the wiki (above link)


  • Sri working on potentially recording the presentations (no recording of discussions).
  • Yes we have wifi - Sri working on details
  • Power - most likely not available en-mass in the meeting rooms

Sri – did I miss anything?


  • Have raised lots of $$
  • Supporting company added for $1000 to next bracket. Supporting companies get a thank-you to our supporting organizations on the website – separate from the logo program. Not aggressively seeking this sponsorship level, it is however, a way to include additional companies supporters who may not be able to afford the big $$ of the sponsorship levels.

Next important Dates

  • I confess that I did not jot down all the dates – would someone please fill in – I think I have the registration dates right – not sure about the program planning deadlines.
  • We did schedule the next committee meeting for April (May?).

Volunteers attending the event

  • If at all possible you should have your company pay the conference fee. There are minimal comp'd slots available.
  • Also, just being on the mailing list does not make you a volunteer. :> Come to a meeting and/or sign up for some outstanding todos.


  • Perhaps we should post a master list on the wiki so people can start signing up for specific items???
  • I know I've missed items – please add, modify etc..
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