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july_22_2008 [The Plumbers]

Speaker dinner

Kristin and Tess want to reserve all of Merriweather's patio, but that means cost may go up for speaker dinner. They were worried about transportation to dinner place, since it is six blocks from street car. Kristin thought they might need to buy a cab for people; Sarah suggested hiring pedicabs (bicycle powered two-person cabs) for taking people from the street car stop to Merriweather's. AR for Tess - look into pedicab companies

Guest package

Budget and Travel funding


AV/Wireless update

Tess is worried about AV prices. Sri will meet with Populi recording tomorrow. AR Sri - Tess needs a final bid on power supplies.


AR Kristin needs to transfer people who registered on the Linux Foundation System to the eventbrite system. Eventbrite currently has 85 people registered, and 12 separate people are registered in the Linux Foundation system. 66 of those people on eventbrite are paid attendees, the rest are free passes used by sponsors. Tess says we only need 100 people to register to break even (although there will be no seed money for next year and some of the “frosting” will go away from our event).

Should we up the registration fee after a certain date?

Kernel summit registration opened yesterday. AR for Kristin to talk to LF people - the registration page for kernel summit should indicate that LPC is right after Kernel Summit.

Blogging and marketing

MC Runner update

Andy sent email to all MCs, but people like keithp and gregkh are really busy with OLS and OSCON right now.

Planning for next year

Student day

career panel

AV for student day

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