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jones08 [The Plumbers]

Microconf Focus

Speed of bootup is an increasingly popular concern, particularly on mobile devices. In this MC, we hope to show some insight into work that is currently happening, and areas which still need work. This subject typically doesn't see a huge amount of cross-distro collaboration, with each distro reinventing a lot of the same mechanisms. Can this be fixed?


Three presentations, followed by a short QA/brainstorming session.

Sample Microconf Schedule

Total time: 2 hr 30 min

Time Session
0:00 From naught to sixty in 5 seconds (arjanv)
0:45 Faster than a Greased Penguin (boot optimization) (kylem)
1:30 Early bootup cross-distro collaboration. (davej)
2:15 Wrap-up / discussion (by MC Runner)
2:30 End


Hopefully increased participation on shared solutions that every distro can benefit from.

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