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gregkh08 [The Plumbers]

Microconf Focus

What is the theme of your session? What are the short-to-medium-term challenges facing this area? If you could fix one thing, what would it be?


Do you want presentations? Open discussions? Coding time? A series of 5-minute lightning talks?

Sample Microconf Schedule

Total time: 2 hr 30 min

Sample, please schedule how you want, this is a placeholder!

Time Session
0:00 Presentation 1
0:30 Presentation 2
1:00 Lightning Talks
1:30 Break
1:45 Discussion/Round Table
2:15 Next Steps (by MC Runner)
2:30 End


Are you looking for a decision to be made? To clear up a confusion? More participants in an area? Just meet people face-to-face?

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