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Linux Plumbers Conference Registration Open
17-19 September 2008
Portland, Oregon USA

General Registration Now Open

We are pleased to announce that general registration for the Linux
Plumbers Conference is now open:

The Linux Plumbers Conference is a working conference.  LPC brings
together the top developers working on the "plumbing" of Linux -
kernel subsystems, core libraries, windowing system, etc. - and gives
them three days to work together on core design problems.  The
conference is organized into several half-day microconferences
focusing on individual subsystems.  Since the microconfs are
co-located, developers can meet face-to-face with experts from other
subsystems to solve problems that span project boundaries.  This kind
of cross-project collaboration usually only happens in the unofficial
"hallway track" at conferences.  LPC makes the hallway track a

Linux Plumbers Conference is limited to 350 attendees to increase
cross-project collaboration.  This year's conference is co-located
with Kernel Summit in Portland, Oregon and begins the day following
Kernel Summit.


LPC will be held September 17 - 19, 2008.  The schedule is available

The conference is centered around ten microconferences.  The
microconfs and their organizers are:

* The future of Linux storage - Matthew Wilcox
* Video input infrastructure and V4L2 - Mauro Carvalho Chehab
* Power management and tools for efficient resource usage - Matthew Garrett
* Future displays and input devices - Keith Packard
* Dbus for desktop integration - David Zeuthen
* Linux server management - Darrick Wong
* Moving to modern APIs 1: XCB and graphics - Jamey Sharp
* Moving to modern APIs 2: Audio - Lennart Poettering
* Moving to modern APIs 3: Kernel/userspace interfaces - Greg Kroah-Hartman
* Debugging, tuning, tracing, and profiling - Steven Rostedt

Registration rates

Registration includes access to the entire conference program, a joint
Kernel Summit/Linux Plumbers Conference party, and an evening social
event at the Portland Museum of Modern Art.

Speaker registration: FREE

General registration: $250

Student registration: $50

Guest registration (social events only): $175

As the conference is limited to 350 attendees, we recommend
registering as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.  Speakers who
register before notification of acceptance will have their
registration fee refunded in full immediately.  The Call for Speaker
Proposals can be found here:

All registration fees are refundable until August 15th, after which
they are non-refundable but can be transferred to another attendee.
In the event that the conference is sold out, LPC will maintain a
waiting list for transferring registrations.


Linux Plumbers Conference will be held at Portland State University,
located in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Portland is well-known for its
vibrant restaurant scene, excellent local breweries and wineries, and
exceptionally good public transit.  The weather in Portland in
September is usually sunny and clear, with daily highs around 70F
(21C).  Information on hotels and transportation can be found here:


Major sponsors of the Linux Plumbers Conference include Intel, IBM,
and NetApp.  The LPC is underwritten by the Linux Foundation.  We
thank these and all of our other sponsors for their support of this
community conference!

We hope to see you at Linux Plumbers Conference 2008!


Linux Plumbers Conference
17-19 September 2008
Portland, Oregon USA

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