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This is a rough idea of what the areas will be when we do a call for papers.


  • Have a real problem to solve that needs a group to get together.
  • Pick something that will be a problem in September 2009, not something that either is insolvable on the one hand or that will likely be solved before September 2009 on the other.
  • Buy-in from relevant maintainers and other high-profile people active in the area.
  • Get started early obtaining travel funding.


Topics Approved topics with runners Good topic needs runner In Discussion Dropped Notes
Constrained-based power mgmt X Mark Gross suggested this, possibly too narrow. Still discussing
V4L-DVB Linux-TV framework, support for hybrid tuners –> Video X We need to target Mauro as a runner. ex: make mythtv easier.
Making User-Space I/O Not Suck microconference X Possibly should be virtualization, but no decision on whether we want virtualization as a topic
Security microconferenceX Solid topic with runners:jamesrmh and pcmoore).
Configuration Human Interface Guide X Ill defined. Need more detail.
Boot/Init microconferenceX Solid topic. Dave Jones is the runner.
Audio microconference X Solid topic. But attendance from audio folks required. Lennart will be the runner.
Control Groups microconference X Still discussing. Currently people feel it's too narrow, need more evidence that this is a good topic.
Networking X Yes, but we need to find runners and an interesting subtopic.
Solid-State Storage and Filesystems X Still in discussion, but with btfs and ext4 in the future this might be good.
X-windowsX Still in discussion on subtopics and will require participation from some red hat engineers.
Embedded SystemsX Solid topic. Greg KH/David Woodhouse will be the runner. Will probably need to flesh out some
Inter-Distributor Cooperation X Potential for good discussion vis a vis bug sharing between distros
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