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Video Input Infrastructure

Linux currently have two modern kernel-userspace API's for handing video input devices: V4L2 API for video streams and radio and DVB API for digital TV reception. Due to the complexity and diversity of different devices, and due to the large amount of formats and standards handled by those API's, this infrastructure needs to evolve to better fit other devices. Also, a good userspace device library is the key of the success for having userspace applications to be able to work with all formats supported by those devices.

This Miniconf will discuss the evolution of V4L and DVB API's to handle the current and future needs, underling the userspace improvements to reduce device/application non-compliances.

Video Input Infrastructure Schedule

Total time: 2 hr 30 min

Time Session
0:00 Presentation 1: Mauro Carvalho Chehab: Video Input Status Quo
0:15 Presentation 2: Hans Verkuil: Extending V4L2 to support complex media streaming devices
0:40 Presentation 3: V4L2 Library
1:05 Presentation 4: Brandon Philips: The video4linux user-space: libv4l2, applications and a server
1:30 Break
1:45 Discussion/Round Table: Support for missing digital standards: DVB-H, ISDB, etc
New API proposals
2:15 Next Steps (by MC Runner)
2:30 End
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