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Audio/Visual and IT Planning

This page describes the Audio/Video and Wireless action items that we need to take to prepare for the conference.

For this conference the following is our purview:

  • Wireless networking
  • Audio/Video recording of Keynotes
  • Power and cabling
  • Support of IT issues

We should add anything else that we think is needed.

Key Contacts

These are the contacts that we need to be aware of when dealing with the various parts.

Sri (503) 709-4782

Tess (360) 606-1390

Inaky (971) 506-9125

PSU Contacts

  • Head of IT Department - sukhunj at pdx edu – 725-3323
  • Tamarac - Network admin 725-3280
  • Rene' Remillard - rene at cs dot pdx dot edu

Action Items

  • Walkthrough and determine wireless conectivity
    • Need to talk with IT folks about this.
  • Need to decide on a vendor to do the audio video
  • Need physical map of power plugs to plan extension cords


  • Meeting Minutes with Mark, Sri, and Bart
    • Discussions:
      • We will want to get the extra access points to make sure that we have good coverage in all the room. We think that about 10 should be enough. We are more concerned in the miniconf rooms rather than the ballroom. One idea is to have 5 or so arond the ballroom area to handle hallway access, and also this maybe close enough to pick up people in the ballroom.
  • Action Items:
  • Mark will send mail to Ron Church regarding getting map of electrical outlets on that floor. Cc: sri, bart.
  • Mark will send mail to Jeffrey Wright regarding A/V equipment (also ask for power extension card)
  • Mark will send mail to Clayton about how much it will cost to install access points.
  • Mark to send mail to Clayton regarding number of wireless connections can be supported in each room.
  • Mark will send mail to Jeffrey Wright regarding IT and A/V contact person
  • Considerations:
  • We need to figure out how much it will cost for the access points. (the cost is because of the labor)
  • Talk with Jeffrey Wright about projectors in each room.
  • Meeting Minutes with Mark and Clayton from IT.


  • May not be able to meet the total number of simultaneous users of 80% of conference goers. It would create a large number of slowness. This is due to the number of access points rather than the pipe that of issue. We can currently support about 150 simulataneous connections in the ballroom. To elaborate this slowness is caused because there are a certain number of frequencies that users can be put on on each wireless router.


  • Install more access points - to accommodate 400 people it would cost $30K for equipment and labor costs.
  • Install (non-wireless) routers in each room, especially the ballroom to accomodate past the 150 users. This spawns an issue of wiring both in terms of providing wires, and also where to locate them, safety and a number of other concerns. Seating is going to be interesting.
Other issues
  • noise of the routers
  • the number of ethernet cables is fairly small, so they don't have a lot of these to hand out. (consdier that people will lose them too)

IT Support

  • - Doug McCartney will be our IT support person.

Action Items

  • find out what is the network capacity each room can support
  • how many people can we legitimately support in the ballroom
  • map of how the wiring will go for routers in each room
  • decision on how to handle keynote networking (no networking perhaps? complimentary?)
    • Will cost money for setting up the plugs and switches at $100/hour.
      • we can't share the cost with other conference as their network requirements are drastically less than originally conceived.


  • Do we augment rooms with wire and incur 100/hr costs to set it out.

Wifi Login Accounts

  • One for general attendees
  • One for conference/administration committee


1 week before conference

  • Cat creates shared account and login information
  • Ed/Sri work on getting recording equipment tested with PA system
  • Make sure all is ready for next week including:
    • power cords
    • A/V carts
    • Speaker setup

1 day before the conference

  • Power cords laid out
  • A/V carts distributed and put into the rooms
  • Recording equipment picked up and put into secure area
  • Wireless setup tested, account tested.
  • Contact sheet created and put in reserved space.

Conference Day Day 1

  • morning checkup

7:00am - check speaker set up again, sound check

  • Move recording equipment to track 3 room and do sound check after keynote.
  • End of day check list:
  • Secure A/V carts and recording equipment.


  • We need a hot swappable laptop/machine for any IT problem. We don't want to wait to fix a problem, just swap it.
  • We need to have a pre-check before each microconf to make sure that the equipment is working.
    • What are the checks?
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