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april_15_2008 [The Plumbers]

Next Meeting

  • Middle of May

Program Committee

  • Invitee list is a good size
  • Darrick needs his invitee list together
  • Early registration Apr. 21st, general May 5th
    • Andy will send out the announcements for this
  • CFP issues
    • Academic committee not formed yet
    • Solidify the micro-conf
    • Committee will be sorting out which microconf the papers will go in
    • Bart and Andy need to get off their asses
  • Academic CfP date: May 5th
    • Andy has CFP
  • Micro-conf CFP date:
    • Andy will talk with runners
  • Keynote: Rob Pike fell through
    • Andy will be email Linus tomorrow
    • Short list of speakers due Tuesday

Website List

  • Registration split into student and regular, different questions
  • Website updates coming on
  • On-site registration is being taken on by Tess/Angela
  • Add a link for “If the fee is a problem contact us” Bart will do filtering on this list

Media Releases

Media coverage helps with sign-up of sponsors for future conferences (cycle starting in June) and encourages a diverse group. Aim is not to fill attendee slots, but to increase conference prestige.

Jennifer and Sri to take point on media plan and drafts of press releases.

Formal Media Releases for:

  • General rego opens
  • Program opens
  • End of conference

On the website:

  • Link to request media passes

Press Passes:

3 remaining - will review requests on a case by case basis

  • LWN (Jen to email Jon C.)
  • Linux Journal

Informal press - as much as possible.


  • Need student volunteers to do menial labor
  • Free Max passes Sri
  • Linux Journal contacted us- Tess - media package?
    • Schwag, but not paying for travel etc
    • PSU- Mike Rogoway
    • Willamete Week- Chris Lidgate
    • The Mercury
    • The Oregonian
    • Linux Journal, Dr. Dobb's, eWeek
    • How many comp passes? 5
  • Add PSU logo

Student day

  • Boxopoli: would like them to do the streaming
  • Ground Control rental? Sarah confirm with management
  • U of O: contact them about the student program



  • Two sponsors paid
  • Montavista came in silver - need to add logo
  • Schwag from IBM buying some coffee mugs?!


  • Add information about paperless conference thing- ask Kristen


  • Platial map for Thursday night? - Jen to contact Platial
  • Kick young people out of Tuesday venue at 9:30- backspace and ground control
  • Companion program, $175 giving, T-shirt


  • Did another walk through
  • Bart helping with meeting with PSU IT
  • There is power everywhere
  • Power strips need to be purchased and taped
  • Session recording - needs to get a quote for boxopoly Sri

LPC Volunteers and Perks

  • need way of registering volunteers and determining criteria for official LPC volunteer - Kristen


  • Tess will send number for different categories (students, volunteers, speakers, scholarships)
  • Registration capped at 350
  • Do we want to offer scholarships? - No - Tess to verify with Kristen. Link on website if someone absolutely needs help.
  • Waiting list?
  • Transfer List for cancellations

Next year

  • Electronic survey for 2008 attendees after event - opt-in/out as a required registration question


  • Sri
  • Andy
  • Jennifer R.
  • Tess
  • Brandon *Note Minion*
  • Bart
  • Darrick
  • Jamey
  • Sarah S.
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