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Welcome to the Linux Plumber's Conference Wiki (2009)

LPC Communications

LPC Mailing Lists

Name Web Mailto Subscribers (06/2009) Expected use in 2009
contact web mail 5 points to this list.
lpc-speakers-announce web mail 50 Announcements for speakers only. Special registration instructions or the speakers' dinner, for instance.
tpc-members web mail 23 The Program Committee. Scoring and discussion of which talks and tracks will be accepted.
submissions web mail 1 Unused in 2009
planning web mail 61 Highest traffic list. General discussion by volunteers and organizers. Draft announcements and postings go here first. Anyone can join who wants to help.
announce web mail 423 All attendees, speakers, etc… Low volume for high-importance messages about the conference.
lpc-bof-owners web mail 2 for communication with BoF organizers
topics-discuss web mail 0 -

LPC Email Aliases

alias people on it description,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

LPC 2009 Key Facts

LPC Master ToDo List

See the Master todo list.

LPC Planning Pages - 2009

Schedule Overview - Overview of all the key dates for LPC 2009

Program 2009 - Conference Content

Logistics 2009 - Logistics (venue, budget, events)

Publicity 2009 - Website, Media, Marketing

Support 2009 - System Admins, Conference IT, wiki

Planning Committee Mtg Minutes 2009 - Notes/agendas

Images (Temporarily Stored Here)

Previous Years - Archived Pages

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